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What is Muscle Activation Techniques™

MAT is a revolutionary approach to evaluating and treating muscular imbalances in the body. The uniqueness of MAT is that it recognizes that muscle tightness is only a symptom and protective response to muscle weakness. Correcting muscle weakness will not only lead to relaxation of tight muscles but pain and discomfort will also be reduced or eliminated.

Who is MAT for?

Especially athletes, dancers and other fitness enthusiasts can benefit from MAT, along with anyone who leads an active lifestyle. It can help to prevent injuries from happening in the first place, as well as speeding up the recovery process. If you are currently experiencing, or have had chronic pain or injury, MAT can help reduce or eliminate the pain by restoring muscle function.

If you are thinking of questions such as “why my body moves the way it does”, or “why certain movements are harder on the right side than the left”, please let me help you to figure it out.

Upon request, the original method, the fusion of MAT, Myofascial Release, and Joint Mobility Exercise, is also available.

How much does a session cost?

60- minutes session \ ¥10,000

When is Kazutaka available?

Every Friday between 7AM to 7PM (please email me for other days)

How to book?

TEL: 090-9821-4019

Kazutaka Ara
Kazutaka has been active in both sports and martial arts since his childhood. His early experiences in these areas sparked his quest for ideal training methods, methods for recovery and rehabilitation from injury, and how to properly implement preventative measures. However, the solutions he sought were not available in his native country of Japan.
Seeking answers, in 1997 he traveled to the USA and began his university education in Exercise Science. Following graduation, he worked as a personal trainer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he experienced popularity for his innovative approach. In December 2005, he took his skills to a higher level by achieving certification as a Muscle Activation Techniques TM Specialist—he was the first Japanese national to complete the rigorous training course.
Returning to Japan in 2007, he continued to study a variety of bodywork and exercise methods and subsequently came to recognize that there is no one particular method that works for everybody. Instead, he believes the best results are achieved through a multidisciplinary approach tailored for each individual.

Testimonial from client:

"By the time I got to know about MAT, I already knew that understanding how your body works is essential. Particularly - understanding consciously, which muscles you do use during certain movements - and which you don't, however supposed to. Maybe that's because I've been a dancer for many years... so I know that to be able to perform well your body needs to be properly developed and balanced (I would somehow mark this word, "balance", here, as I think it’s kind of key word. But up to you). And the balance is something that is lost easily - by overworking, tension, injury... even plain stress. Here's when MAT might be of a great help. It has elements of massage... but rather it's an interactive session at which you get back the lost knowledge of you're really supposed to move. So you're actually a part of it... and that's why I'd recommend it to all people who feel they are responsible for their health. Once you try it - you'll be surprised how it works.
-Grigory Barinov, professional ballet dancer, New National theatre, Tokyo.