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キャリ・ハイヤー Kari Hyer (Native English Speaker)

Kari is a certified Gyrokinesis® and Gyrotonic® instructor & Pre-trainer, having studied with the creator of Gyrotonic, Juliu Horvath and the co-creator of Gyrokinesis (initially Yoga for Dancers), Hilary Cartwright.  Her path with mind body movement systems began in 2003, seeking to recover from a long term chronic illness.  So convinced of the benefits of movement, Kari has continued to fine tune and advance her skills through numerous specialized workshops including therapeutic applications and Gyrotonic for Golfers.  Kari holds a Core Intelligence® Certificate from Marie Jose Blom and is a student of Advance Pilates Technique.  Kari is also a Zero Balancing Practitioner.  “Movement is my passion and I love to teach!”  Outside the Studio, Kari has a fascinating background from training show horses to living globally - she even spent one winter at the South Pole in Antarctica.